Quality Policy

Our company intends to adopt a Quality Policy geared towards risk-based thinking that will allow us to:

  • establish a proactive and non-reactive culture of improvement, prevention must become a habit;
  • increase the trust and satisfaction of our customers;
  • build a consistent knowledge base and provide more preparation;
  • increase the likelihood of achieving goals;
  • reduce the likelihood of bad results and undesirable effects;
  • ensure consistency in the quality of goods and services;
  • satisfay the applicable mandatory requirements, whether related to products/services offered or to working environments.


In order to apply the above, the Management undertakes to:


  • analyze the business context in order to identify risks and opportunities;
  • establish priorities for identified risks and opportunities;
  • plan actions to address risks and seize opportunities;
  • provide the necessary resources to implement the action plans;
  • check effectiveness of actions undertaken


The Management requires all personnel to be aware of the Quality Policy and the operating procedures connected with their work area in order to apply its contents and to collaborate, moreover, in the continuous development and improvement of the System through the suggestions it deems appropriate to propose.


This document is displayed on the premises and on the website in order to share the principles it expresses with all third parties interested in various ways in the activities and services offered by our company.


Approved on 22/10/2018

The Direction